The magic of floating happens outside the float tank

How internal transformation can start with a float

The magic of floating happens outside the float tank

The magic of floating happens outside the float tank.

In the tank, I played, swayed, breathed, cried, stretched, talked, floated. |
(After the 3rd float, I’d sometimes get out to write down an idea and then get back in.)

Outside the tank:
I’d choose compassion and forgiveness instead of fear/anger more often. I breathed easier more often.
I could even trust Life/Presence/God/Spirit to support me more, something I wanted to believe instead of “I’m alone and don’t know what I’m doing.” This trust was like trusting the salty float water to hold me, the tank to cocoon me safely.
I could connect so many of my changes to this experience.

And one of the best gifts floating gave was how it helped me make space.
Space for the new, the just-right-for-me.

I started detoxing, doing less, “being” more.
I was inspired to let go.
Letting go of a “productivity” addiction (needing to fill every moment with something). Letting go of needing to control the outcome so much.
I also started to let go of old memories, belongings, and even some beliefs that weren’t helping me.

I gave my creativity space.
Noticed where I made myself small for others.
Considered what it meant to “take up space.”
I became aware of my food obsession – the how/when/where/what to eat, and how I looked. And my favourite: I started to let go of perfection.

This transformation is ongoing, even though I haven’t floated since leaving Portland. The intuition to leave Portland, btw, came when I made space to even consider it. You know, I was missing my love back in Ohio.

And floating taught me amazing things will happen…if I let them.

Floating helps people heal themselves, live their best lives, find creativity and inspiration, feel more serenity and ease, and feel more fully.

I learned I could be with myself, all my doubts, struggles, pain, feelings – and stay afloat, wherever I am.

And it was so wonderful to start this journey at The Float Shoppe! It was the best introduction to floats and such a sanctuary in Portland.

Floating is an unusual, surprising and transformative experience. The people working there are so compassionate, honest, real…and maybe as impactful as the floating. They’d been transformed by floating and were eager to help others feel the change as well. I’m so grateful to all of you, for the floats, the conversations, the tea/kombucha, and the space to heal.

The Float Shoppe is located at 1515 NW 23rd Ave, has 4 float tanks, 2 massage rooms and provides 4 parking spaces in front of the historic 1904 building it resides in.