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  • $59 Per Month
  • One Monthly Float
  • $49 Additional Floats
  • 25% Off Massage
  • 10% Off Gift Cards and Products In-Store
  • Friends can schedule at the same time as you at your member prices
  • Floats are valid for one year
  • Month to month/Cancel anytime

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The two were meant for each other. Achieve peak relaxation in your float by seamlessly transitioning to the tank from a therapeutic massage. Or, switch the order! Get even more out of your massage by floating first to warm your muscles and ease tension throughout your body.

Float and 60 Min. massage: $165

Float and 90 Min. massage: $195

Can’t decide whether to have the float or massage first? Then the float sandwich is for you! Lunch included!

Float, 90 Min Massage, and Float: $245

Single 90 Minute Float: $75

Complete peace and relaxation as you float effortlessly in your own private space. Let go of your senses of light, touch, sound and more as your body and mind find wellness and recovery. Without the influence of the outside world, your mind is free to explore your inner self, memories, hidden creativity; your hopes and dreams.

Float Starter Package (three floats for use by one person): $150

Three sessions for the price of two! Three floats spaced within a week or two of each other is the best way to get to know floating. While each float will be unique, the benefits accrue and are most clear after several sessions. The art of completely letting go is a practice that gets better (and more fulfilling!) over time and with more experience.

Deep Tissue, Swedish, Relaxation, Craniosacral, energy work, or a mix of all the above…Our massage therapists are highly skilled and design your treatment to meet your individual needs.

60 Minute Massage: $115

90 Minute Massage: $145

2 Hour Massage: $175