Our Float Tanks

Different Floats for Different Folks

We intentionally have different styles of float tanks to suit various preferences. From state of the art float pods to an open-style lidless tank, we have something for you.


If you are looking for a friendly first time experience, look no further. Our Tranquility float pod features buttons for both a gentle internal light as well as starlights built into the lid.

The door to the Tranquility lifts and closes with the press of a button to expose a comfortable, egg-shaped internal space, and may be left open at any stage to allow you to acclimate and begin to relax.

This float tank is best for people who are under 6’3″ tall, and because the depth of the water is slightly less in Tranquility than in Serenity and Nautilus, people in larger bodies may prefer to choose Nautilus or Serenity over this float tank. It is located upstairs up a full flight of stairs, so if you need a float tank on the ground floor, please request the Nautilus float tank.

Nautilus and Serenity

These float pods are the same type, located in separate rooms. They offer a very spacious float experience as well as optional color therapy lights which rotate through a rainbow of shades, permitting you to pause the lights on any shade you choose or to turn them off completely. The baseline color is blue light, which can also be turned off to revel in complete darkness.

The Nautilus float tank is located on the ground floor and comfortable for people of all body shapes and sizes. Serenity is located up a flight of stairs.