What is floating?

Floating is letting go of all of your senses…resting your body; exploring your mind and soul.

Floating is a way to pause the hectic, saturated world and enter a state of deep mental and physical relaxation. By giving yourself a break from the endless input of sensory experiences, your mind has a chance to recharge, rest, and emerge to face the world with renewed perspective and energy.

Otherwise known as floatation-REST (restricted environmental stimulation technique) or sensory deprivation, floating is backed by research and offers immense potential for personal growth and healing.

Whether you want a traditional enclosed tank or an open air, lidless experience, we have a float tank that’s perfect for you at The Float Shoppe.

Every experience with us includes a toasty hot foot bath and complementary herbal tea from Tea Chai Té in our beautiful old Portland house.


How it Works

Relaxation Benefits

Psychological Benefits

Physical Benefits


What do I need to bring?

So, no swimming suit?
Can people under 18 years of age float?
Is it safe?
What if I fall asleep in the tank?
Is the water clean?
Can I play music or a guided meditation during my float?
I'm pregnant. Can I float?
What other services does The Float Shoppe Provide?

Can I float if I dye my hair?

I have dreadlocks...Can I float?

I have a problem with my ear drum. Can I float?

I just got a piercing or a tattoo. What do I need to know?

Can I float if I have psoriasis or a skin sensitivity?


So, you’ve made an appointment and are preparing to come in for your float…What do you do? What do you bring? The short answer is: all you need to bring is yourself, and an excited and open mind for what’s to come. Please follow these few tips:

  • We will provide you with everything you need, including a towel, shampoo, body wash, ear plugs, lotion, Q-tips, a hairdryer, and conditioner upon request. The only thing you might want to bring is a comb or a hairbrush.
  • We recommend floating without a bathing suit. You will have an entirely private room with a shower…so if you choose to wear a bathing suit, nobody will know!
  • Have a small meal an hour or two before your appointment.
  • Avoid caffeine for at least a few hours before your float
  • Don’t shave for at least 24 hours beforehand. (However, shaving your face is usually not a problem.)
  • Show up a at least fifteen minutes early for your first float, or as early as you like thereafter, to receive and introduction to floating and relax in our lobby before your float. Peruse our books on floating and enjoy some complimentary tea.
  • Parking is available for you in our small parking lot. Please feel free to park in the lot directly in front of The Float Shoppe, however, take care in pulling in as there is a steep incline that may scrape the bottom of some cars. If there are no spots, on-street parking is available throughout the neighborhood–however, at times hard to find.
  • If you wear contacts, you may want to remove them before your float. If so, please bring lens solution and anything else you might need.

Cancellation Policy

Please note: We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. Should you need to cancel your appointment less than 24 hours prior to its start time, or if you miss the appointment, a fee of 50% of the full price of service will be charged to you. If you are coming in with a certificate for services, the certificate will be marked as used. In case of emergency or an otherwise extenuating circumstance, the fee will not be charged. This policy does not apply to members of The Float Shoppe.
If you have any questions, please see our FAQ for a more detailed list of answers, or contact us via phone or email. We are always happy to talk to anyone about floating!