Floater Spotlight with Gad Berger

Checking in with our most passionate floaters

Floater Spotlight with Gad Berger

What brought you in the the Float Shoppe for the first time?
The first time I came through based on a recommendation from a co-worker.

What is your time like in the float tank?
My time in Float Tank is different for every visit as well as an evolving mastery in manipulating/analyzing my subconscious and memory banks and often, on an emotional level, feels like I’m in a therauputic cloud where I am able to be patient and therapist simultaneously… Also have discovered how I truly feel about people, life and most importantly, how to navigate, motivate, visualize and make real time progress in resolving issues and reconciling long held biases and complex emotional baggage I have dealt with for over 50 years!! Then there is all the physiological stuff, meaning being pain free while floating, stretching and breathing deeper and the warmth and secure feelings that complete the experience. I also tend to fall asleep and sooooo much more…

Do you experience benefits from floating afterwards?
Probably the best of the float experience is the “after glow” that can last for days. Everything about my life feels better the following day, my energy, mood and general disposition in particular.

What is your favorite float tank?
Fav tank is Tranquility.

What can we do to improve your experience at the Float Shoppe?
For me, there is little to improve the experience, I am totally satiated!

Anything else you would like to share?
Being 72 years old, I feel Floating has given me more benefits than almost anything I have ever experienced! Been going weekly for over 2 years and will continue to Float regularly the rest of my life!! If I could wrap it in one word, Nirvana… Also want to add, haven’t been to any other Float facility, yet, Sandra, Dylan, Emily and everyone at The Float Shoppe have only enhanced my weekly experience…