Safe Massage During Covid-19

We ask that massage clients not only practice safety during their visit but also outside of the business.

Massage is by its nature higher risk than floating. Because of this we are taking extreme precautions for everyones safety. We have an extremely limited schedule and each LMT is only offering 2 massages per week currently so that we can ensure all safety precautions are carried out. Please read below to learn what we are doing to keep you safe, and what we ask you do to keep us safe:

LMT and Room Precautions

  • If the LMT has any flu-like symptoms they will not arrive at work and and massages will be cancelled.
  • The LMT will change into a fresh set of scrubs to only be used during one massage.
  • The LMT will wear a mask the entire time they are in the Float Shoppe.
  • Each client will have a room with fresh linens.
  • A HEPA filter will be on low during the massage and on high before/after the massage.
  • All surfaces will be sanitized before/after the massage.
  • UVC Light will be used to sanitize before and after treatments

Client Precautions

  • Client will have signed waiver online prior to arrival indicating no symptoms and consenting to terms of receiving massage during Covid-19 era.
  • We ask that clients bathe before coming to appointment.
  • Client are encouraged to wear a mask upon entering the Float Shoppe, but are not required.
  • Client will use provided hand sanitizer used upon entering the Float Shoppe.
  • Client will be shown to room directly¬†by our LMT as they are welcomed into the Float Shoppe.
  • Clients clothing should be placed on the chair only. This is a surface we are able to sanitize between sessions.
  • Communication about treatment is welcome, however we encourage minimal talking do reduce water droplets.
  • Client will pay via card (or preferably online beforehand).
  • Cash tips are welcome and will be sterilized in our UVC sanitization box.