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Floater Spotlight: Renata

Floater Spotlight With Renata

What brought you into the Float Shoppe for the first time? I was going through a rough divorce and had only floated once before when I came into The Float Shoppe for the first time. A friend shared their float experiences with me, and given the chaos I was experiencing at that time, I was […]

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My Experience in the Infrared Body Wrap

Written by Emily Noren After hearing our acupuncturist, Mari Ane Anderson, rave about how refreshed and invigorated she feels after a session in the Infrared Wrap, I had to try it out for myself. An Infrared Body Wrap emits Far Infrared Rays which slowly increased the body’s internal temperature and stimulates major bodily functions. Although […]

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Floater Spotlight with Gad Berger

What brought you in the the Float Shoppe for the first time? The first time I came through based on a recommendation from a co-worker. What is your time like in the float tank? My time in Float Tank is different for every visit as well as an evolving mastery in manipulating/analyzing my subconscious and […]

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