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The magic of floating happens outside the float tank

back in.)

Outside the tank:
I’d choose compassion and forgiveness instead of fear/anger more often. I breathed easier more often.
I could even trust Life/Presence/God/Spirit to support me more, something I wanted to believe instead of “I’m alone and don’t know what I’m doing.” This trust was like trusting the salty float water to hold me, the tank to cocoon me safely.

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Floater Spotlight: Renata

Floater Spotlight With Renata

What brought you into the Float Shoppe for the first time? I was going through a rough divorce and had only floated once before when I came into The Float Shoppe for the first time. A friend shared their float experiences with me, and given the chaos I was experiencing at that time, I was […]

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My Experience in the Infrared Body Wrap

Written by Emily Noren After hearing our acupuncturist, Mari Ane Anderson, rave about how refreshed and invigorated she feels after a session in the Infrared Wrap, I had to try it out for myself. An Infrared Body Wrap emits Far Infrared Rays which slowly increased the body’s internal temperature and stimulates major bodily functions. Although […]

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Floater Spotlight with Gad Berger

What brought you in the the Float Shoppe for the first time? The first time I came through based on a recommendation from a co-worker. What is your time like in the float tank? My time in Float Tank is different for every visit as well as an evolving mastery in manipulating/analyzing my subconscious and […]

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