My Experience in the Infrared Body Wrap

My Experience in the Infrared Body Wrap

Written by Emily Noren

After hearing our acupuncturist, Mari Ane Anderson, rave about how refreshed and invigorated she feels after a session in the Infrared Wrap, I had to try it out for myself. An Infrared Body Wrap emits Far Infrared Rays which slowly increased the body’s internal temperature and stimulates major bodily functions. Although often toted as a tool for weight loss, the benefits of spending 60 minutes wrapped in this warm, cozy wrap far exceed that. This soothing heat therapy is exceptional for those seeking increased circulation, alleviation of chronic pain and joint stiffness, detoxification of accumulated toxins, or reduced stress.

Once I was all wrapped up like a burrito, I appreciated how Mari Ane let me know how to stick my arms out if I wanted to and how she came back in to check on me throughout my session. I like being warm, so, as the wrap heated my body, I was in heaven! I began to sweat about 20 minutes into my session, and it was interesting how it felt like sweating from exercise, like I was purging not just toxins but also stress and anxiety. The last 15 minutes were a challenge to push through, but, once the 60 minutes was up, I felt exhilarated, as though I’d sweated out my nagging stress.

My tips:
Drink lots of water before, throughout, and after your session!
Schedule yourself for a float right afterwards! Purging sweat and stress prior to my float prepared my body for state of relaxation that I found far easier to achieve.
It’s been requested for a long time, and now you can book online with Marie Anne!

Emily Noren is a Float Facilitator at the Float Shoppe and Author of Unsinkable